Vancouver Prostate Centre - A UBC & VGH Centre of Excellence


The Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) has a track record of success that has earned it a reputation as one of the world’s most respected cancer facilities.  It is a National Centre of Excellence and a designated Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research.

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer in BC men and the second leading cause of cancer deaths. By understanding the reasons for treatment resistance in advanced prostate cancer and translating that into new products and treatments, the Vancouver Prostate Centre is focused on improving longevity and quality of life for patients in BC, and around the world.

Our large outpatient clinic sees thousands of BC men annually, and our respected surgeons and clinicians set best practices for care delivered in our Province.

Our comprehensive, in-house research program ranges from molecular biology to functional genomics, and encompasses active clinical trials, socio-behavioral studies and research into complementary and alternative medicine. 

The combination of a large patient clinic and clinical trials facility, together with a world-class translational research program under the same roof, make the VPC the largest program of its kind in Canada.

The Vancouver Prostate Centre is hosted by the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and the University of British Columbia, and receives substantial financial support from the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation.


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