Four trainees awarded Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada research grants

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Four VPC trainees received Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada research grants:


  • Cassandra Cui (trainee in Dr Zoubeidi lab) was awarded for their research project "Interplay between ASCL1 and SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex in prostate cancer lineage plasticity"
  •  Adam Classen (trainee in Dr Wang lab) was awarded for their research project "Immune-Related Transcription Factors Modulating Immunosurveillance in Prostate Cancer"
  • Mariia Radaevea (trainee in Drs Cherkasov and Dong lab) was awarded for their research project "Development of Novel PROTAC Drug Candidates Targeting the DNA-Binding Domain of Androgen Receptor"
  • Joslia Thandumpurathu Jose (trainee in Dr Somasekharan lab) was awarded for their research project "Investigating the Nucleolar Functions of G-Path Domain Containing 4 (GPATCH4) in Prostate Cancer"

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