Funding supports prostate cancer patients to help better manage their care

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VICTORIA – The Province of BC is providing $1 million to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation to support men’s health through the Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program, which offers support to prostate cancer patients and their partners for physical and emotional side effects of the disease.

“The good news is that the average life expectancy of men diagnosed with prostate cancer has increased significantly in the past three decades,” said Health Minister Terry Lake who made the announcement at the official launch of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation in Ottawa. “But battling the disease takes a tremendous toll on patients and their families. This program will help them access support and services that will help improve their quality of life and guide them through the process of managing their care.”

The Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program is being developed by the Vancouver Prostate Centre and will include up to ten modules that, once completed, will be distributed to centres throughout the province in order to benefit the greatest number of men and families. The goals of the program include support for treatment decision, improved quality of life, reducing cost per patient and improving long-term health outcomes for patients.

“We have come a long way in the treatment of prostate cancer with more men getting diagnosed early and living longer than ever before,” said Dr. Larry Goldenberg, director of development and supportive care at the Vancouver Prostate Centre and founder and chairman of the board of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, Dr. Larry Goldenberg. “With more patients living longer, we now have a greater responsibility to help them and their families’ access services and information that will ensure they are living cancer-free for longer.”

This funding provides more support for men’s health in British Columbia. In April, 2013, the Ministry of Health announced $5 million to help develop research and health promotion that supports the well-being of men and their families.

The Vancouver Prostate Centre is a world-class cancer facility and a national centre of excellence providing clinical care for thousands of men in British Columbia. The combination of a large patient clinic and research facility make them the largest program of its kind in Canada.

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is a national, non-profit organization founded by Order of Canada recipient Dr. Larry Goldenberg. The mission of CMHF is to inspire Canadian men to live healthier lives. 70 % of men’s health problems can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles. CMHF will create a new social awareness and motivate men and their families using health information and lifestyle programs in ways they can hear, absorb, and act on.

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The Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) has a track record of success that has earned it a reputation as one of the world’s most respected cancer facilities. It is a National Centre of Excellence and a designated Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research.


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