MSFHR 2020 Awardees: Drs. Hach, Gentile, Massah

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Three researchers at our Centre have received Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research 2020 awards.

Dr. Faraz Hach received a Scholar Award for his project "Computational Methods For Monitoring The Evolution Of Tumours."

Dr. Francesco Gentile (Cherkasov lab) received a Trainee Award for his project "Artificial Intelligence Based Discovery Of Estrogen Receptor Activation Function 2 (AF2) Inhibitors As The First-In-Class Therapies For Drug Resistant Breast Cancers."

Dr. Shabnam Massah (Buttyan lab) received a Trainee Award for her project "Characterization Of Gli Proteins As A Novel Therapeutic Target In Prostate And Breast Cancer."

Our Centre congratulates these early-career researchers and post-doctoral fellows, and thanks MSFHR for their grant funding programs.

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MSFHR 2020 Awardees: Drs. Hach, Gentile, Massah

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