VPC acquires state-of-the-art micro-ultrasound for targeted prostate biopsies

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The Vancouver Prostate Centre has recently acquired and commissioned a state-of-the-art high resolution (29 MHz) micro-ultrasound machine —called the ExactVu micro-ultrasound -- for use in image-guided targeted biopsies of the prostate. This technology, which is now part of our regular clinical workflow, enables our urologists to accurately identify and biopsy cancer lesions in the prostate, and can also be used as an aid in delivering targeted focal therapies to the tumour. The image resolution of the new micro-ultrasound is comparable to MRI and is about 300% higher than conventional ultrasound systems. This will allow patients to be biopsied more quickly and accurately, without the longer waiting times and possible claustrophobia associated with MRI imaging. Patients may also require fewer biopsies that conventional methods, because the high resolution images obtained with the micro-ultrasound system allow more accurate biopsy needle placement. Importantly, the system also allows transperineal biopsies, avoiding the need for transrectal approaches that are associated with a higher infection rate.  The system can also be integrated with our existing MRI/Ultrasound fusion imaging system. Both instruments were purchased from funds raised by VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation at the 2019 Harry Rosen Tournament for Life annual golf tournament.

For more information on the ExactVu micro-ultrasound – or to book your targeted prostate biopsy, please contact Dr. Martin Gleave, at clinicatubcurology [dot] com


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